Tech Boss Joint Stock Company  and all company employees would like to send our best wishes to customers and thank you for trusting and using our calibration service.

With the trend of global integration, contributing to the construction of an industrialized and modernized country according to international standards, Tech Boss Joint Stock Company and its staff and experts have more than 5 years of experience in the same field. In the field of equipment calibration, we hope to contribute to the standardization of the country’s modern industry.

We understand what customers want from this calibration service, so Tech Boss was born on the expectation of fast – accurate – efficient calibration services, along with convenience in the process. calibration program we bring to your company. We will deploy the service of quick calibration, calibration to issue Certificates to customers, calibration to issue certificates immediately to customers.

Tech Boss Quick Calibration
Tech Boss Quick Calibration

With certifications according to ISO 17025: 2017 standards of AOSC, ILAC-MRA, government decree 105/2016/ND-CP along with a wide, diverse scope table and small measurement uncertainty, Tech Boss can Calibration in all areas satisfying the entire customer base in different manufacturing professions:

  • – Calibration of Electrical equipment
  • – Calibrate the device Temperature, humidity
  • – Calibration of Pressure equipment
  • – Time-Frequency instrument calibration
  • – Calibration of Mechanical equipment – ​​Length
  • – Calibration of chemical, medical, environmental equipment…
  • – Calibration of garment industry equipment according to AATCC . standards
  • – Calibration of food industry equipment

Experiences when cooperating with Tech Boss quick calibration service:

  1. Fastest calibration and CERTIFICATION time, within 3~5 working days.
  2. Deploy calibration services, issue certificates to customers.
  3. Implement the service of issuing certificates immediately at the calibration room.
  4. On-site for customers, chosen by customers
  5. Adjust the device when there is an error within the allowable capacity.
  6. Payment time within 30 days from the date of issuing the financial invoice by bank transfer or cash.
  7. Support customers to deliver equipment to the place.
  8. Support customers to reprint GCN + stamp when changing device code…
  9. Competitive price compared to competitors, payment discount policy, trade discount for loyal customers.…